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Path to health is a health care service that is committed to providing you with a range of natural therapies including Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy & Remedial Massage that may assist in your health. If you feel your body is not performing due to discomfort, pain or injury, you have the opportunity to contact our team of healthcare professionals.




  • We are so GREATFUL to all who have contributed to #movember we achieved well above our targets and did our little bit to aid in raising awareness to Men's health. Shout out to our team, great dedication to the cause and even better Mo's!
  • Congratulations to our mo-tastic practitioners contributing to #movember

The team have raised above their $1500 target and with less than 2 days to go are encouraging you to donate so we can reach new targets! 👉link in bio 👈 Thank you to all who have already donated generously. Sincere gratitude! 
It just goes to show however big or small, support goes a long way and can never be underestimated. Let's spread the word and be there for each other!
  • Globally, every minute, a man dies by suicide. In Australia, 75% of suicides are men. 

Let's help and spread the word for men to prioritise their health. Support us support men's health and donate to  our team https://moteam.co/path-to-health?mc=1

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  • “Every journey begins with the first small step”. Adam Nagel 
Having the courage to take the first step is the hardest part of any journey. In order to take this step, you have to let your guard down and open up about what is really bothering you. 
This difficult yet powerful move can inspire all men out there to feel comfortable and take action when times are tough.  Whether it’s a mate or a professional, there is someone out there who can lend a helping hand. 
We encourage you to take your first step today towards a healthier and happier you!

Support us support men's health and donate this movember to https://mobro.co/13774457

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  • It begins and we are all geared up to be part of #movember2018 
Our team of men are in the spirit to rock a mo and our ladies are on the move too. 
We want to take this opportunity to encourage men of all ages to value their health and do our little bit for a great cause @movember 
Support us, support men's health!
SEE OUR MO SPACE AND DONATE AT https://moteam.co/path-to-health?mc=1

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  • Supporting October's National Safe Work Month, Osteopathy Australia are encouraging Australians to incorporate simple movements such as stretching, standing up, walking meetings, changing postures regularly and micro breaks into their working day to reduce risk of developing a chronic pain problem or a musculoskeletal complaint. 
To find out more visit @osteopathyau 
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