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Remedial Massage


Feeling sore, or experiencing ongoing pain? If you’ve had a recent injury or are struggling to regain optimal muscle function, a remedial massage can help.


What is Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a type of massage that aims to help you recover from injuries, restore optimal function and reduce or get rid of muscle pain.

Remedial massage uses specific soft tissue massage techniques and stretching to rehabilitate your injured areas, eliminate pain and decrease tension. Remedial massage therapy also helps to stimulate circulation and blood flow and enhance wellbeing.

You can see a remedial massage therapist for a one-off session or as part of an ongoing treatment program. Like physiotherapists, remedial massage therapists can develop specific treatment programs for you to aid in recovery and healing, ease pain and improve symptoms.

In Australia, remedial massage therapists are not registered health practitioners but there are national qualifications and diploma programs. Remedial massage therapists should have completed a minimum 12 - month Diploma in remedial massage.

Medicare does not provide cover for remedial massage sessions. You can claim your massage sessions through your private health insurer if you have extras cover. Phone your insurer to discuss what is covered in your plan.

Why get a remedial massage treatment?

A remedial massage treatment can help you if:

You have had a recent injury, such as a sporting or dance injury, or an accident.

You are experiencing ongoing muscle tension or joint pain.

You are experiencing a loss of function, or aren’t able to move around as well as you used to.

Massage can also be beneficial for muscle-related conditions or treatments, and your health professional may suggest a remedial massage as part of your treatment program.

At your first appointment, your remedial massage therapist will talk to you about your pain, any recent injuries and any other health concerns you have.

Your therapist may also perform some tests to determine the specific cause of your pain and identify any damaged areas before initiating your massage.

The remedial massage itself involves deeply massaging and stretching the muscles that are causing the pain or symptoms. This technique helps to stimulate blood supply and repair damaged tissue or muscle injuries. You usually need several sessions for the massage to have an impact.

If necessary, your therapist will develop an ongoing treatment program for you. The program might include repeat massages as well as stretching and muscle strengthening exercises you can do at home.

If you have a sports injury, you may need to adjust your training. Your massage therapist can discuss this with you or refer you to other healthcare professionals such as an osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.

If you have been seeing a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor, you may need a remedial passage as part of your treatment program. Your massage therapist can liaise with your other healthcare professionals to ensure your treatment is consistent and suitable for your needs.

What Type Of Remedial Massage Should I choose?

At Path to Health, we offer a variety of remedial massage therapies and techniques.

Our remedial massage therapists are able to provide the following massage treatments:

Sports Massage:- a targeted massage for people experiencing exercise-related soreness and sports injuries.

Remedial Massage:-a deep-tissue massage that helps to warm up muscle tissue, reduce tension and break up knots.

Remedial hot stone fusion :- hot stones are placed on various parts of the body which helps to relieve muscle tension and encourage the muscles to relax, and cupping.

Cupping:- a Chinese medicine treatment in which heated cups are applied to certain areas of the body to relieve tension.

Your therapist will recommend the most suitable type of massage for you, based on your health concerns and any other issues. If you’re not sure which massage is right for you, contact us to discuss your health concerns.

Regular massage is a great way to stay healthy and keep your muscles supported – especially if you do a lot of physical activity.

Massages of all types offer a host of general health benefits, including:

improved sleep and relaxation
stress relief
improved circulation
tension relief
general pain relief

Interested in a remedial massage?

At Path to Health, we offer one-off and ongoing remedial massage sessions. Contact us to book your session or discuss your options.

Team Members

Nathan Sinclair is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and is also a member of Association of Massage Therapists. After graduatingwith a Diploma in Remedial Massage in 2006, Nathan has had 12 years experience in the massage industry working with various elite sporting teams, corporate sector and clinic set ups .

In his free time Nathan loves spending time with his beautiful daughters and wife at the park or at the beach. Exercising and staying healthy is very important to him and his family.

Nathan is particularly experienced in deep tissue remedial massage, using trigger points and stretching when appropriate. He believes you should be able to feel the massage working, and has the touch to know “just when” the pressure is enough (although more can be applied if you request it!). He also has a passion for aromatherapy, and over the years has incorporated Chinese cupping and remedial hot stone massage.