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Looking for a natural approach to your healthcare? A naturopath can help.


What Is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a mode of holistic health care focused on natural healing and treating the person as a whole person.

Naturopathy draws on a combination of traditional and scientific evidence to help address the cause of your symptoms andachieve optimal wellbeing.

Natural therapies, exercise and lifestyle changes are some of the many methods naturopathy incorporates.Naturopaths consider physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Naturopaths aim to address your health concern by resolving the underlying issues rather than just treating the symptoms. Naturopathic care also aims to empower you to take responsibility for your health and wellbeing through education and lifestyle advice.

Naturopaths believe in prevention and will help you to adjust your lifestyle factors, and any risky behaviours,to prevent future disease or symptoms.

At Path to Health, our naturopaths use a combination of:

• herbal medicine
• nutritional medicine
• allied health therapies, such as chiropractic and osteopathic
• exercise
• tailored diet and nutritional plans
• lifestyle changes
• preventative medicine and advice

In Australia, naturopaths are not registered health practitioners. However, naturopaths must have an Advanced Diploma, and many naturopaths in Australia have Bachelor’s degrees.

You may be able to claim your naturopathic appointments through your private health insurer if you have extras cover. Phone your insurer to discuss what is covered in your plan. Medicare does not cover naturopathic treatment.

As complementary medicine providers, naturopaths often work with other healthcare professionals such as general practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and remedial massage therapists, to help you achieve a complete approach to your health care.

What is iridology?

Naturopaths use a variety of diagnostic tests to help assess your health and determine the source of your symptoms. One of those tests is iridology, which involves analysing specific signs in the iris (the coloured part in the eye). In iridology, the characteristics of the eye are said to reveal information about systems in the body. The eyes are considered to be the windowsinto the body's health.

Naturopaths use iris signs in combination with other tests toanalysethe state of your health and identify any potential imbalances.

Why get a Naturopathy Treatment?

There are many reasons why a naturopathic consultation can benefit you. If you are looking for a more natural approach to your healthcare and would like to support your body’s capacity to heal, a naturopath can help.

Some people come to a naturopath with a specific symptom or health concern, while others want preventive healthcare programs. At Path to Health, we are happy to advise you on whether a naturopath might be able to help you. Contact us to discuss your health concerns.

Conditions Naturopaths can help with

Some of the most common health concernsthe naturopaths at Path to Health can help with include:
Diet :- testing and food plans for food intolerances and food allergies
Weight:- strategies for weight loss and weight management
Fertilityand preconception care:- care for women who are having trouble conceiving or would like to regulate their menstrual cycle in preparation for trying to conceive
Fatigue:-feeling low in energy and finding it difficult to stay focused during the day
Hormonal imbalances :- rebalancing hormones, or boosting the hormones that might be deficient.
Stress and anxiety :- addressing feelings of depression or low mood

A typical session with a Naturopath?

In your first naturopathic session, your naturopath will talk to you about your diet, lifestyle, medical history, medications, illnesses and any current symptoms or complaints. Your naturopath might also conduct a series of tests, including:
Iris analysis
Blood analysis
Stool and urine analysis
Hair analysis
Functional testing

The results of these tests will help your naturopath to identify the cause of your symptoms and give an accurate picture of the current state of your health. In some cases, the test results might also help to pinpoint risk factors.
Your naturopath can use the results of your tests to develop a tailored treatment program for you which might include:
Dietary changes
Natural medicines, such as supplements or herbal remedies
Lifestyle changes
Allied health services, such as massage, osteopathic care or chiropractic care

Interested in a naturopathic session?

At Path to Health, we offer experienced, reliable naturopathy consultations. Contact us to book your session or discuss your options.

Team Members

Inga Saliba, is a qualified Naturopath (ADV Dip (Nat)), Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, and Registered Nurse with over 25 years working in the healthcare industry.

Inga has walked the journey through the health minefield with many people. With the view of health as a team sport, Inga is comfortable speaking to other members of your health care team to try and achieve optimal health.

Inga has an interest in Chronic disease, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune problems, diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome. Inga, will try to understand your underlying health issues, your triggers for disease and the road blocks to achieving health.

Assessment of all aspects of health is incorporated in a treatment to develop a health plan with the aim of helping your body heal itself.