If you have been following Path to Health, You would know by now my name is Inga and I am a recently graduated Naturopath that has joined the team here at Path to Health. For our new readers, you come at an exciting time as we celebrate spring 2018 and all the wonderful herbs, flowers, colours that is spring. Perfect for me is that spring presents so many wonderful opportunities related to Naturopathy. There is national organic week, farmers markets, blossoms, Herbs, and the start of in season fruit and vegetables that give us the colours of the rainbow to indulge.It is also that time of year when garden enthusiasts get out to play and a busy working mum with good intentions (me!) put together a vegetable and herb garden. So for fun, I googled Inga’s Garden, and I am actually a bed and breakfast in the city of Georgia that provides accommodation in a lovely garden setting! Not quite my garden…
Here is my garden, even the best of intentions are sometimes not enough, it has gone to ruin in its time of existence- on the surface!!

To think about this more positively, look at all the beautiful parsley seed heads, potential still exists for new growth.Whilst i endeavour to be the owner of a thriving edible garden, lack of care and neglect has shown some herbs that thrive including thyme, parsley, mint and rosemary and not to be forgotten one of my favourites, the dandelion.Also loving the bugs it attracts, lady beetles and bee’s!
Herbs have a significant role in Naturopathy. I know what your thinking, nasty herbal concoctions. Yes your absolutely right! However the potent strength in this practice of healing your body, acts a very affective supplement. It’s not the only way though, naturopathy incorporates lifestyle and dietary changes too. So if you are interested in helping your body heal with natural methods there will be something that works for you.
Please contact me if you have further enquiries or book here to make an appointment.
Happy Spring
Inga Saliba